SpacePirate: Age of Rust – RUSTBITS Game Economy & Trading cards [PRE-ICO]

SpacePirate: Age of Rust – RUSTBITS Game Economy & Trading cards

what is SpacePirate ?

☠ A dark noir text/graphic adventure game in a sci-fi dystopian universe.
☠ A turn-based role playing game (think Dungeons&Dragons™ in space)
☠ You can play alone or with other players.
☠ In-game use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (as rewards)
Not a pay-to-win based game.
☠ A treasure hunt with puzzles, clues, and mysteries with no token purchase or card purchase required in order to play.
☠ Has blockchain-enabled cards to collect, trade, and use.

That sounds awesome, tell me more…

As is, the game is already 60% complete and by looking at our timeline (down below), you can see what’s already been
completed. We are working on more content (missions, graphics, voices) to round out the first chapter of the game.
Earlier last year, we posted some information about the game and received some attention from social media on Steemit.
The excitement about the game drew people in and follow along. People reached out and let us know they wanted to have
an “old school” adventure campaign to play.

Token Sale Information:

RUSTBITS: May 22nd, 2017 to June 22nd, 2017
100,000,000 tokens
Rustbits are Counterparty tokens which will provide the game fuel and also act as a premium in game currency.
There is a limited supply of RustBits which will be burned as new Rustchain cards are created for SpacePirate.
Will be put on a swapbot at Tokenly, unsold rustbits will be burnt at the end of sale.

RUSTCHAIN CARDS: Starting on July 1st to September 30th via Tokenly for Rustbits
Rustchain cards are Counterparty assets that players can collect and trade or use to enhance their experience in
the game. In order to issue cards, Rustbits will be burnt as new cards are created and distributed.
CARD 001 – “Rogue Mech” (1200 issued but reserved for our Kickstarter campaign)
CARD 002 – “Forgotten Wasteland” – 2000 issued
CARD 003 – “The Bounty” – 5000 issued
CARD 004 – “Ghost Pilot” – 6000 issued
Any unsold Rustchain cards (001 – 004) by Sept 30th will be burnt.

The prologue, is a small playable demo, which is really more of a pre-alpha release of SpacePirate. Keep in mind, doesn’t
have full functionality yet, but it’s meant to tell a small story leading up to the events of where things start in the full
release of the game. The prologue opened in April 2017 and already has more then 100 people playing the game. There
are a few areas to explore and some puzzles to solve as well, plus a little bit of combat thrown in for good measure.
I wanted to give people something to explore, and a mystery to solve while the rest of the game is in development.
A few players have finished the prologue in about 100 hours of game-play.

You can sign-in and play the demo by visiting our site:


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