SpacePirate: Age of Rust – RUSTBITS Game Economy & Trading cards [PRE-ICO]

SpacePirate: Age of Rust – RUSTBITS Game Economy & Trading cards

what is SpacePirate ?

☠ A dark noir text/graphic adventure game in a sci-fi dystopian universe.
☠ A turn-based role playing game (think Dungeons&Dragons™ in space)
☠ You can play alone or with other players.
☠ In-game use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (as rewards)
Not a pay-to-win based game.
☠ A treasure hunt with puzzles, clues, and mysteries with no token purchase or card purchase required in order to play.
☠ Has blockchain-enabled cards to collect, trade, and use.

That sounds awesome, tell me more…

As is, the game is already 60% complete and by looking at our timeline (down below), you can see what’s already been
completed. We are working on more content (missions, graphics, voices) to round out the first chapter of the game.
Earlier last year, we posted some information about the game and received some attention from social media on Steemit.
The excitement about the game drew people in and follow along. People reached out and let us know they wanted to have
an “old school” adventure campaign to play.

Token Sale Information:

RUSTBITS: May 22nd, 2017 to June 22nd, 2017
100,000,000 tokens
Rustbits are Counterparty tokens which will provide the game fuel and also act as a premium in game currency.
There is a limited supply of RustBits which will be burned as new Rustchain cards are created for SpacePirate.
Will be put on a swapbot at Tokenly, unsold rustbits will be burnt at the end of sale.

RUSTCHAIN CARDS: Starting on July 1st to September 30th via Tokenly for Rustbits
Rustchain cards are Counterparty assets that players can collect and trade or use to enhance their experience in
the game. In order to issue cards, Rustbits will be burnt as new cards are created and distributed.
CARD 001 – “Rogue Mech” (1200 issued but reserved for our Kickstarter campaign)
CARD 002 – “Forgotten Wasteland” – 2000 issued
CARD 003 – “The Bounty” – 5000 issued
CARD 004 – “Ghost Pilot” – 6000 issued
Any unsold Rustchain cards (001 – 004) by Sept 30th will be burnt.

The prologue, is a small playable demo, which is really more of a pre-alpha release of SpacePirate. Keep in mind, doesn’t
have full functionality yet, but it’s meant to tell a small story leading up to the events of where things start in the full
release of the game. The prologue opened in April 2017 and already has more then 100 people playing the game. There
are a few areas to explore and some puzzles to solve as well, plus a little bit of combat thrown in for good measure.
I wanted to give people something to explore, and a mystery to solve while the rest of the game is in development.
A few players have finished the prologue in about 100 hours of game-play.

You can sign-in and play the demo by visiting our site:


Notary NTRY Platform

Notary  NTRY Platform Pre-ICO

Engage in ongoing contracts, without a third party!

Decent economic applications (web and app) with great potential already in the early stages,
Platform developed in Ethereum Classic by following “legal code”
Achieved milestone.

Notary Platform offers real life applications for everyday use first. This allows the time-stamp of each digital document, which then retrieves and proves the contents of the digital document. This means being involved in an ongoing contract, without a third party. Although this is nothing new, it offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface. In addition, it also offers the use of standard contract templates for use cases in real life that vary. More proficient users will probably utilize the use of smart contracts, which mimic the logic of contract clauses. As a result, the clause contract is made partly to execute oneself and / or force themselves. The most sophisticated uses include artificial intelligence (AI) support, which automates classic contract arrangement and / or smart contracts for use in various cases. The NTRY platform is intended for the general public, business, and government agencies.

How and Why?

Cointract is identical to a traditional written contract, while the first is typed
And / or produced in digital form using crypto currency and / or blockchain technology. Instead of the term ‘contract’, the term ‘cointract’ will be used
Adjusted paper length.

The basic intent of the NTRY cointract is (1) to make a timestamp showing the time
Origin of digital documents, and (2) to prove the contents of digital documents. Both options are already included and are available in most crypto currencies but there are little flaws in the user interface and use cases.

To prevent hash collisions, smart algorithms that have stable digital values ​​and other low value currencies (ie Deutsche eMark, Riecoin) will be used.

The simplest form of cointract NTRY will be further modified in the form of intelligent contract use. The Etereum network big banks (which are the financial backbones that have
System and government control), which has been approved by the Ethereum organization (check this paper). So, the future temporarily switches from public to private (see public vs. private examples, Shift from public to private), which will be scheduled and implemented on the Ethereum Classic blockchain ( Ethereum Classic is a decentralized platform running smart contracts – apps executed exactly as programmed without the possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party intrusions. This is a continuation of the original Ethereum blockchain – the classic version presents an uncontrollable history; Free from external interference and subjective transaction interruption. Thus, it is directly correlated with the basic notion of NTRY scholars, wholly dependent on unstructured history and decentralized networks not controlled by public corporations.


 Notary Platform Integration (NTRY)

The integration of various digital sources offered is used for the users. Sourcenya can be used in combination or separately. This includes:

• template or written which is then moved on the form
• sound
• picture
• video
• proof of existence (eg facial recognition, retinal scanning)
• (possibilities for uploading digital files or only digital hash files if data is kept secret)


 User Interface

Notary Platform Milestones

Example of use in the first stage

The process of using Notary platforms in different stages is indicated in the case of rental / purchase of an apartment

Stage 1:
1) Two people meet with intent to make a deal (rent an apartment).
2) They want to protect their interests both (reasonable price for the true value of the material subject) so that they are involved in Notary platform services.
3) With the key information, they fill the standard form contract (template) offered
By the Notary platform app. Neutral contract template for buyer and buyer to seller.
4) For better security, they can add certain digital media to the cointract. They both agree to make a video about the appointment and / or state of the subject being sold or rented, then add it to cointract (they can also add photos and sound recordings if they wish).
5) When both parties agree to the agreement, they simply upload the content (cointract + all records) via the NTRY platform application, which enables the creation of digital signatures on digital book books that can not be damaged (blocked Bitcoin).
6) Cointract is sealed with payment of Notary platform services.
7) Copies of cointract can be stored in the cloud and emailed to both parties. In terms of
Sensitive data, cointract copies are sent to both parties, while other copies are permanently destroyed (removed from the system).
8) In the event of a dispute, the data can be easily retrieved and used as (legal) and do not alter the evidence in court.

Notary Platform Adventure
• No need for third parties, therefore the whole process is cheaper, less time consuming, and more secure.
• For additional security, both parties can add videos, photos, or sound recordings to
• In digital space, all digital content is treated as an unchanging transaction.

Pre sales / ICO Fundraising:

To prove that we have real potential adad in our hands and full idea / idea, we
Decided to pre-sell the token Notary (NTRY) and show the concept of the work first and complete the first part of the stage, then do the ICO. Funds accumulated on pre sale will be used to fund the primary purpose of the first phase of the Notary Platform (NTRY). In addition, the fund’s goals will also be used for the development of our team (at least three more developers, two lawyers specializing in international law), aggressive marketing for applications developed in Indonesia that combine with marketing for ICO.

We will offer 2.5% tokens for pre sale with 100% bonus. That means 5% of
The total number of tokens will be offered for pre sale.

2.5% – 3,750,000 NTRY + 2.5% – 3,750,000NTRY Bonus = 5% – 7,500,000 NTRY


ICO GeneralToken NTRY is a token located on the Ethereum platform. With the initial coins offered for the campaign, we want to offer people interested in becoming part of our first product launch trip. ICO will start on 21/9/2017 (± 14 days) and will last for 35 days. This gives investors 5 weeks to invest in NTRY tokens.

Maximum financing (cap) at 150,000,000 NTRY = 15,000 BTC to complete all
Stages above. The quantity of this token is also clear.

Price token when ICO: 1 NTRY = 10,000 SAT [/ b]

There are no tokens to be mined or created after the ICO campaign. Number of Notary tokens (NTRY)
Remaining at the end of the ICO will be burned.

Tokens will be able to be changed after successful ICO campaigns. If under any circumstances the minimum amount (not defined at time of writing) is not met the funds will be returned to the investors.

 Token Notary Distribution (NTRY)

Token will be distributed according to the percentage of funds collected. If the target is met, the distribution will be like this:
Total: 150,000,000 NTRY (100%)
ICO Participants: 120,000,000 NTRY (80%)
Notary Team (NTRY): 15,000,000 NTRY (10%) *
Marketing Notary (NTRY): 7.500.000 NTRY (5%) **
Pre sales: 7,500,000 NTRY (5%)* Reserved for team (future) (founding liquidity delayed for one year)
** reserved for marketing (ie the first few thousand users will receive the number of tokens X
As a reward for feedback on testing and user-friendly experience, aggressive advertising in different media etc.)

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